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Market Snapshot…Hint inventory is at record lows!

If you have been wondering what’s happening with home inventory in the Tri-Cities…well it’s been shrinking and fast!  We have less than 300 homes active in our marketplace and over 50% of those available homes are new inventory – this means they are in the process of being built or have recently been completed.  Sellers are happy, but how about buyers?

Buyers are finding that they need to be ready to move quickly, be aggressive in the right areas of the contract and offer the seller a well thought out and comprehensive offer.  That does not mean you are giving up all your contingencies, it does mean that the overall presentation of the offer is compelling enough to allow for items the sellers may not always look for in the offer.

When you partner with true experts, like the Brokers here at Tri-Cities Life, you will be well prepared to put forth a winning offer.  We work hard to ensure your goals are met now and in the future.

Invest in you, Invest in our community, Choose Tri-Cities Life.